Healthcare Meals

About our menu

Whether you cook from scratch, reheat frozen food or use a mixture of both, you’ll find MOM provides fresh tasting and nutritious food that is locally cooked and delivered same day to you.

By letting MOM’s kitchen be your solution for meals, you redirect organizational focus to the paramount goal of patient and resident care rather than struggle with the stress, anxiety, labour management, food safety, and sourcing complexity of doing your own food production. Let MOM be your solution.

Sample menu

MOM has carefully prepared our healthcare menu to be health promoting, nutritious and richly flavourful for a diverse population. Our menu is developed in keeping with Canada’s Food Guide to promote good health through balanced nutrition.

Our Spring/Summer 2024 menu features delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will delight your patients and residents with fresh and flavourful nutrition that helps bring them towards healthier days.

Note: This is a sample menu of the items we are offering on our Winter/Spring 2024 menu that has a 2 week cycle and is refreshed every 6 months. If you want to see the full menu please contact us here.

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